Cookies For Rookies!

Monday, July 18, 2005

A Man Fights With A Bear

Whoopty whoop Effects

1968 Mercury Cougar

390 BigBlock

Honda CRF 250X

AJ and Leia Filming 2002

AJ and DAD



Yamaha YZ250

No Footer!

Racing Time (AJ on the Far Left) (Brian Far Right)

Suzuki RM125

Honda 80R

1986-87 Aj,Brian,Leia and Kids. Jr50 Suzuki

Cookies For Rookies!

AJ Clevenger's Mechanical Profile: Dirtbike riding when 3 years old taught by dad and learned on a Suzuki JR50 (loved the 1 Gear Bike!) Then Stepped up to a Honda 4stroke 80 then grew up a bit and rode a 125 RM Suzuki then Felt the need for speed and Dad built a monster YZ 250 Yamaha.. And The Mission Flew by and Came home to a brand spankin new 2005 CRF 250X Honda (With a Silverado Truck!) Now we can do some dirtbikin!

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